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Whats this?
Looks quite sus.
Catch Among Us: The Series coming this October to Disney XD!

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I'm not a catfish I'm a symbolic twink

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-0.15371507993731975 + 0.8338908736418332i at zoom 3.5939362811e+05. jit:20210108050002

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supercell( ryo x δΈ‰θΌͺε£«ιƒŽ οΌ‰- ζ‹γ―ζˆ¦δΊ‰

γ€Œζ³£γ„γ¦γͺんか γͺいんだからね」

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wowaka - γƒ­γƒΌγƒͺンガール

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Every year at DEFCON there is one talk you absolutely gotta see.

This is that talk: @IanColdwater@twitter.com and @bigendiansmalls@twitter.com are going to absolutely crush it on Saturday at 10AM.

It will be streaming: watch it in your hotel room, your office, your data center, or in the Paris Hotel.

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We are Β£30 short on money to be able to have enough food to survive this month die to repairs our landlord forced us to pay if you could help in anyway it would be truly appreciated

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I did not :dab:
my headphones are dying

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is rose gonna start an electrical fire

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@mcclure111@twitter.com No this makes perfect sense, see it’s because your gender is up in the air until you’ve landed.

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Was looking up rules concerning Canadian immigration documents and was fascinated by this phrasing

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ending gif discourse
just use apng :troll:

overheard: overheard: overheard: steal jokes you see elsewhere without consequences by just prefixing them with "overheard: "

hi im very very very very very very very very very bi

is rose gonna start an electrical fire

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I'm begging yall to stop quote RTing every bad take you see from a self-declared minor with 7 followers

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